Stop Kiss

October 2015

The Howard County Center for the Art

8510 Highridge Rd Ellicott City, MD

Stop Kiss A deceptively simple story: two young women in New York meet, talk about their boyfriends, feel a growing, unspoken attraction for each other, and finally kiss. And that one innocent kiss sets off a savage gay-bashing. But even as Stop Kiss confronts the reality of physical violence, Son’s imaginative, moving, and surprising comedy brings audiences — and her principal characters — to unexpected places.

Callie is holding down a job as a radio traffic reporter when she meets Sara, a Midwesterner who, against her parents’ wishes, has moved to the city to teach third-grade students in the Bronx. Both have boyfriends, but as they get to know each other, their shared experiences and sense of humor create a strong bond. The tragic consequences of their kiss — the center of this powerful drama — serve as both an indictment of hatred and a moving study of the perils inherent in living life fully.