the Code

June 2018

Chesapeake Art Center

192 Hammonds Lane Brooklyn Park, Md

Brooklyn Park, MD

192 Hammonds Lane

Brooklyn Park, MD

BREAKING THE CODE by Hugh Whitemore

In conjunction with How Do You Like Me Now Productions, Inc.

“Breaking the Code” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitemore tells the personal and true story of Alan Turing. He was a genius mathematician and engineer in Britain who played a leading role in winning World War II. He created a machine that decoded the Nazi’s secret messages, thereby ending World War II early and saving 12 million lives. He also created the first computer. Since his work was classified as top secret for years after the war, the general public knew nothing of him when he was arrested for homosexuality. He was sentenced to undergo hormone treatments that left him physically and mentally impaired. Alone and forgotten, he committed suicide. Whittemore’s play begins in 1952 and flashes back to illuminate important elements in his life up to that point and then continues through the events leading to his arrest, the aftereffects of that, and his death. It’s a riveting, powerful drama. It is the same story as the award-winning film “The Imitation Game,” but it’s focus is on his personal life not his professional successes. It’s a well-constructed drama with excellent acting roles, moving, funny, and heartbreaking.